Structures, bags, slackers, presses…

Ziclos offers its clients a number of products to help them optimise the collection, storage, and therefore the transport of waste and recyclable materials—saving our clients both time and money.

One of our key products is the Nasa Bin, which is a simple yet extremely effective system that when used together with our micro-perforated bags allows users to collect up to 5 times more plastic waste than standard bins of its size.

Our specially manufactured micro-perforated bags are made in part from recycled plastic that is collected, in many cases, from our clients, which shows our dedication to the concept of the Circular Economy.

Ziclos Products

Metallic structure for waste storage optimization (nasa bin)

Specialized micro-perforated recycling bags for use with the nasa bin

Cardboard box stacker

Separate collection bins


Presses (For hire or sale)