The Company

Ziclos is a strategic innovation consultancy in Circular Economy.
Ziclos Consultora, who we are

Who we are

We are a consulting firm who specialises in strategic innovation in the circular economy. We work to provide our clients with sustainable and functional solutions that generate a synergy between profitability and environmental responsibility.

We provide advisory and intermediation services related to sustainability and the Circu-lar Economy for both public and private organisations nationally and internationally.

We give companies the opportunity to become acquainted with and adopt the philoso-phy of Circular Business: a smart way of doing business differently, profitably, and competitively.

Ziclos Consultant, philosophy

Our philosophy

Ziclos is committed to making the change towards a Smarter Economy. We strive to carry out a progressive transition from the current linear economic model to one which is sustainable—the circular model.

With the current system in place, in the long term our unquenchable consumption of resources leads us on a course towards serious economic, social, geopolitical and envi-ronmental consequences.

Given this circumstance, the alternative is the circular economy, which not only en-compasses the reuse of materials, or the reduction of waste and emissions, but goes even further, stimulating economic growth with the development of new products, pro-cesses and technologies.

For all these reasons, Ziclos actively works to help organisations become involved with and start using this model in an intelligent way, and thus promoting their growth and de-velopment.

Certifications and Authorisations

Our team

Ziclos is made up of a team of technical graduates and engineers who are specialised in the sector and who combine their collective experience, innovation, reliability and disci-pline. The professionalism of our team is the key to our success—creating a climate of trust and confidence with our clients by providing our services in a fast, efficient and commit-ted way.