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Remake it green


We audit the needs of our clients to design the best solution that guarantees the sustainable and circular development of the project. We offer necessary solutions for the study, planning and development of projects related to the circular economy and recycling.


Remake events green

We organize and develop waste management strategies and sustainability plans for companies organizing events and festivals.


Remake plastic green

We actively work on Circular Economy projects with plastics where we achieve our goal: zero plastics to landfill.


Remake fashion green

We are working on circular textile economy projects where materials are remade to become raw material.

Remake events green

Sustainable events and festivals

We turn events and festivals into sustainable spaces that generate a positive impact on society and the environment. We carry out an initial analysis assessing which aspects meet sustainability criteria and which do not, from this we elaborate a Customized Sustainability Plan taking into account space, assistants and type of production. We set KPIs and train the event staff so that the whole team knows what the environmental objectives are. We elaborate a personalized report with the measurements and the data obtained.

We design and rent greenpoints

We provide the resources to ensure the correct waste management of your event. Our main objective is to minimize potential negative impacts, prioritizing the positive impact on space.

Waste management

Our logistics team schedules strategic daily collections, ensuring and certifying the exit via recycling of all generated waste.


Remake plastic green

From waste to resource. Our circular economy projects work like this: we correctly store the waste from origin to obtain plastic bales that are transformed into pellets and again into plastic film.


The future begins in the present

Our circular economy projects are the solution that guarantees sustainable development. The circular economy is the way to the future and it prioritizes innovation, reuse and recycling.

Consumers demand Circular Economy, legislation demands it and the planet needs it, we talk about the economic model of the future from the present.

Europe aims to be a world leader in this scenario with an ambitious commitment to reduce waste sent to landfill by 90% and recycle 75% of packaging by 2030.


Remake fashion green

Our circular economy projects with textiles aim to offer a second life by transforming waste into raw materials.


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