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Purchase of waste

We obtain the best offers from recyclers and waste management companies increasing our customer benefits.

Our power of negotiation and the consolidation of recyclable materials from different organizations allow us to obtain the best deals with recyclers and managers, transferring these benefits to our clients. 



What we do

To guarantee the greatest recyclability of the waste generated, we install the appropriate resources to optimize transport and obtain maximum profitability and benefits from the management of the materials generated.

The purchase and sale of waste represents cost saving and the reduction of the use of raw materials reducing CO2 emissions.


How we do it

Send us quantities, type of waste and geographical location and our team will prepare a personalized quote for free.

We install the appropriate systems to optimize transport and to obtain maximum profitability from the management of the materials / waste generated.

Ask us for a quote for any type of material: plastic, cardboard, metals, textiles… etc.

Ask us for a quote

  • Plastics, PELD, PP, PET
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Textil waste and garments
  • Hardazous waste
  • Organic waste
compra y venta de residuos

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