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Zero Waste Certifications

The Zero Waste model defends the full Circular Economy. Implementing a zero waste strategy means committing 100% to the Circular Economy model.


Our clients are
Zero Waste

  • Reduction of waste
  • Less waste to manage
  • Less greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduced expenses for the company
  • Lower waste taxes
  • No environmental impact
  • Compliance with European regulations

Zero Waste Tracking

Ziclos has a team of specialists in management and monitoring of Zero Waste Projects which have been developed and are currently in place in global multinational organizations.

We guarantee you profitability and competitiveness. We also guarantee you excellent traceability and 100% compliance with legal requirements.

Zero Waste Benefits

We obtain Zero Waste by developing and implementing the following work tools:

  • Software
  • Training
  • Compilation of KPIS
  • Audits
  • Certifications
  • Staff training

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