Waste management

Ziclos Services.

Waste Trader

Ziclos holds Dangerous and and Non-Dangerous Waste Trader authorisations. We have a wide network of collaborators of the highest quality and reliability that allow us to provide exhaustive service in waste management.


Ziclos’s Non-Dangerous Waste Carrier Registration facilitates the subcontracting of a larger network of carriers. By being able to carry out transport activities under the legal umbrella of our registration, we ensure legal compliance of all parts involved in waste management.

Efficient Logistics

We organise all collections and make sure to work with the best collaborators. This benefits our clients by dealing only with an intermediary who assures them quality service and reliability.

Purchase and Sale of Waste

We help our clients to obtain maximum profits for their recyclable waste by offering them the most competitive rates on the market.


Ziclos utilises specific waste management software that facilitates compliance and traceability with the applicable legislation. This tool allows us to:

  • Send all documents to our clients in a fast and efficient way.
  • Have a shared space to access and consult all documents and information re-lated to waste management in real time.
  • Prepare and maintain chronological files.
  • Report waste movements directly to the Regional Environmental Information Platforms.