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Ziclos Zero Waste

Framed within the concept of the Circular Economy, the Zero Waste movement was born in order to build a sustainable future. The main objective is to reduce the generation of waste to the absolute minimum, and that the minimal leftover waste produced be recycled, avoiding avoiding its deposit in a landfill and/or incineration.

Ziclos has a team of specialists in the management and monitoring of Zero Waste Projects which have been developed and are currently in place in global multinational organizations. Thanks to personalized strategies and the establishment of the appropriate indicators, we are not only able to affirm that the waste reduction objectives have been successfully achieved, but that the economic and operational benefits go hand in hand and proves the profitability of the implementation of this type of project.

Our Commitment: Greater profitability and competitiveness through less waste and cost optimization, ensuring excellent traceability and 100% compliance with legal requirements.


  • Diagnosis: The review of all current operations and the preparation of a Current Management diagnosis to find opportunities for savings, both in the generation and management of waste.
  • Development of Waste Management KPIs: The appropriate and personalized indicators are defined and established for each client to be able to measure environmental performance in terms of waste management. This allows us to define objectives and check their degree of compliance.
  • Monitoring and Measurement: Periodically a report on the status and evolution of the Zero Waste Project is sent to those responsible, which includes the KPI Report. This allows us to continuously monitor the established operations and check if operational adjustments are necessary. This ensures:
    • 1. Continuous improvement during the development of the project
    • 2. Traceability of the correct waste management.


  • Purchase – Sale of Materials: Our negotiation muscle and the consolidation of recoverable materials from different organizations allows us to obtain the best deals with recyclers and man-agers, transferring these benefits to our clients.
  • Training programs: We offer personalized training programs to raise people’s awareness and achieve the objectives expected by our clients.
  • Coordination of Logistics in Waste Management: Ziclos handles logistics coordination with managers, carriers and internal personnel to optimize and improve the processes of collection, packaging and label-ling of loads.
  • Internationally Recognised Zero Waste Certifications: Ziclos provides its clients with the possibility of obtaining Zero Waste certifica-tions. We collaborate with the most renowned national and international certifiers, which means that we can provide businesses and organisations with internation-ally recognised certifications which will add value as well as recognition for the effort made.
  • Evaluation and Classification of Waste Managers: We evaluate the current waste managers based on operational processes, legal compliance and the traceability of the waste. In addition, we provide solutions for achieving the best recycling practices.