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Portada / Knowing the traceability of waste is essential

Knowing the traceability of waste is essential

    Software trazabilidad residuos

    Current environmental legislation emphasizes the importance of information on the generation and management of waste, in order to ensure traceability from the time a waste is generated until its final treatment.

    What is traceability?

    Traceability is a tool that allows the waste generator to control waste management, ensuring that waste management cycles are completed within the established deadlines and goals. Detailed tracking of waste movement is necessary to ensure proper management and compliance with waste management laws and regulations.

    Currently, depending on the type of waste and its production process, there are 3 types of traceability:

    • Internal traceability, which refers to the movement of waste within the same producing entity.
    • External traceability, which allows us to know the destination of the waste once it leaves the production facility.
    • Shared traceability, which occurs when waste goes to an intermediate storage facility before being treated.

    What information is required to ensure traceability?

    Traceability control depends on the following information: information on the waste generator, type of waste, volume, and information on the transporter and the waste disposal unit.

    Tools that facilitate traceability

    In the past, using spreadsheets to manage waste in companies was considered a useful tool, however we live in the era of digitalization in which to ensure the traceability of the waste generated it is essential to use software to ensure the monitoring of all phases of the waste life cycle.

    At Ziclos Circular Economy we have specialized software that guarantees the traceability of the waste and allows us to have quick and clear access to the data that allows us to analyze traceability.

    What knowledge do you have about the traceability of your waste in your company? Contact us!