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Portada / Environmental legislation in Spain for events and festivals

Environmental legislation in Spain for events and festivals


    At Ziclos Circular Economy, we work with events and festivals, committing ourselves to and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations in the sector. We believe that environmental consultants are fundamental and strategic allies in event organization, playing a key role both in the design phase and in the execution of the festival itself, as our objective is to minimize environmental impact and ensure legal compliance.

    Are events and festivals conflict points for waste generation?

    The answer is… yes. And much more than you think 😉

    According to the EPA, over the same period of time, an average event can generate between 15-20% more waste than an office building of the same size.

    For this reason, Spanish legislation currently requires event and festival organizers to comply with the following environmental regulations 👇

    In Spain, the Royal Decree 1055/2022, on packaging and packaging waste, determines the following:

    «The promoters of festive, cultural or sports events, both those supported by public administrations in sponsorship, organization, or any other formula, as well as those organized by the private sector, from July 1, 2023, shall implement alternatives to the sale and distribution of drinks in single-use packaging and cups, guaranteeing also access to non-packaged drinking water. In the case that the promoters choose to distribute drinks in reusable cups, they must comply with the requirements of the harmonized European standard UNE-EN 13429:2005 “Packaging and packaging waste. Reuse”. If the promoter charges a deposit for each reusable cup to ensure its recovery, they must provide the necessary mechanisms to guarantee the return of the deposit once the cup is returned by the consumer.»

    Given this new environmental scenario, as environmental consultants, we play a fundamental role.

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