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Portada / Perte de Economía Circular: aid worth 192 million euros to boost the circular economy

Perte de Economía Circular: aid worth 192 million euros to boost the circular economy


    MITECO has launched a call for aid worth 192 million euros to promote the implementation of circular economy projects in companies. This measure entered into force on December 8 and will be active until January 12, 2023.

    Subsidies will be awarded on a competitive basis, contemplating four categories of eligible actions:

    • Reduction of consumption of virgin raw materials
    • Ecodesign and placing on the market of products made under ecodesign schemes
    • Improving waste management
    • Digital transformation of processes that improve the traceability of products and their waste, favor the efficiency of the use of resources or reduce waste generation.

    The aid responds to the provisions of the Strategic Project for Recovery and Economic Transformation PERTE in Circular Economy, approved by the Council of Ministers on March 8, 2022.
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