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Recyclable vs Recycled

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    Recyclable is not the same as recycled – do we know the difference?

    Let’s answer this question!

    We call a recyclable object an object whose material can be reused to make another one, while an object that was produced with the raw material of another object that has already been used is a recycled product.

    Here are some examples that will help you to better understand these two terms:

    In the case of glass we can say that it is a recyclable material that can be reused for the manufacture of other products, such as packaging or containers after a process of reuse, but without this process it is a recyclable material, not a recycled one.

    What about clothing made from plastic fibres from what used to be a plastic bottle? Clothing made from plastic fibres from what used to be a soft drink bottle, or mobile phone casings, are recycled products.

    The European Union considers that the circular economy is a fundamental tool to put an end to plastics in the sea; its forecast is that by the year 2030 all commercially available packaging made of this material will be reusable or easily recyclable.

    The correct management of waste derived from business activity is key to obtaining good results and complying with current regulations.

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