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Portada / Policy Ziclos Circular Economy

Policy Ziclos Circular Economy

    ZICLOS CIRCULAR ECONOMY, S.L., a company dedicated to providing advisory and intermediation services related to the Circular Economy, adapts to the Quality and Environmental needs demanded by an increasingly competitive market.

    ZICLOS CIRCULAR ECONOMY S.L responds to the challenge through the continuous improvement of the service offered to said market, supported by the Integrated Management System implemented in accordance with the requirements of UNE EN-ISO 9001 and UNE EN-ISO 14001 standards.

    Management expressly states its commitment to enhancing this Integrated Management System in order to achieve the following general purposes: The main objective is customer satisfaction, the control of significant environmental aspects of their activity, and the management and performance of all their activities in a safe manner.

    The Management System is oriented towards the continuous improvement of its services and the prevention of pollution.

    Detected failures should be used to learn and eliminate the sources or causes that generated them. The set objectives and goals will be subject to monitoring, and the necessary resources will be provided to achieve results in line with our environmental policy.

    Management is committed to complying with applicable legal requirements and other requirements subscribed to by the organization related to customers and third-party interested parties and their environmental aspects, in general with the context of the company, as well as reducing negative environmental impacts by focusing on behaviors aimed at optimizing the consumption and waste caused by our activity.

    The implementation of this Integrated Management System requires the collaboration and participation of all levels, and for this purpose, information, communication, and training are indispensable.

    The Management of ZICLOS CIRCULAR ECONOMY, S.L. ensures that, through its Training Plan, its Policy is understood and accepted by all personnel and is available to all persons who work for the organization or on its behalf, as well as the general public.